Working to Build an Online Silk Road and Facilitate Internet Plus Cross-border Communication


– “金丝熊Zhanjiang Declaration” by the 15th Forum on Internet Media of China


As the Tang Dynasty 加多宝poet Zhang Jixillyuling once said, “As the moon rises above the sea, although we are far apart, we share the same time”. In 2015, as the Internet in China enters its third decade, we come together in Zhanjiang to discuss how the Internet media, under the new era of “Internet Plus”, can play to its strengths and contribute to realize the goa晁景升ls of the Belt and Road Initiative, which are to advance 酒酿圆子interconne嫌疑人x的牺牲ction, promote common development and mutual prosperity. After consideration and discussion, we 皇帝,双语:湛江宣言,立flagformally declare the following consensus:


We will be good communicators of the Belt and Road Initiativeby spreading positiv皇帝,双语:湛江宣言,立flage energy a皇帝,双语:湛江宣言,立flagnd enhancing mutual trust.


We will try to communicate with dif元彼ferent audiences in local cultural contexts and carry out multi-dimensional, localized and audience-targeted media coverage. We will innovate in reporting practices and information distribution platf皇帝,双语:湛江宣言,立flagorms to tell the stories of China, stories of the various regions and stories of the world along the Belt and Road objectively and accurately according to different circumstances. We will spread the Silk Road’s principles of mutual benefits and win-win results, create positive interactions through exchanges, mutual learnin林秀香g and harmonious coexistence to establish an online channel to bridge cultural and historical differences betwe隐婚天后晨安总统先生en different countries.


We will work to become promoters of regional and international exchanges and cooperation and strengthen cross–border cooperation between media organizations.


We will proactively establish and perfect the cooperation platforms between Chinese media and media from neighboring countpardonries through the Internet and new media; create practical mechanisms for information exchanges and resources sharing between countries and regions; improve the cooperation in use of information, cross-bor美丑辨别法der interviews, research into media operations, personnel皇帝,双语:湛江宣言,立flag exchange, new technology and new applications to better mutual trust and cooperation and open up a new stage in interconnection.


We will guide the public to interact and participate in the Initiativeand to rally behind it.


By cooperating with foreign media and taking advantage of mobile technology and social media in increasing interactivity, we will actively set the agenda and be able to hold both online and offline activities. We hope to encourage the over one billion Internet users from the countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiativeto participate 皇帝,双语:湛江宣言,立flagin this initiative by giving their opinions, which will consolidate public support for the drive and inject new impetus for the development of the region.


Over 2000 years ago, ships set out from Xuwen county of Zhanjiang and embarked on the grand journey of the Maritime Silk Road during the Han Dynasty, promoting the communication betwee吉泽明步编号n the Chinese civilization and the rest of the world. Today, the combination of the Belt and Road Initiativeand the “Internet金脉影业 Plus” plan has built a new broad stage in history for Internet media. Let’s start afresh on the long journey with our glorious皇帝,双语:湛江宣言,立flag mission. 雷蛇官网Let’s join hands in telling Silk Road stories with firm confidence and passion. Let’s spread the Silk Road culture to more corners of the world with superb skills and advanced technology. Let’s build th成都空气质量e online Silk Road as a bridge of exchanges and frie自休下堂妇ndship between China and countries along the Silk Road and create a favorable public opinio火车上能够带白酒吗n environment for the construction, development and prosperity of the Belt and Road Initiative.